Liesbeth Hop is seen as one of the Dutch authorities on media literacy. She is a incredibly talented and driven media expert with the mission to improve the media literacy of youth, parents, teachers, corporate companies and governments. With a background in media, communication and public affairs, she founded Media Rakkers ( in 2004 as the knowledge centre for Media and Youth, based in Amsterdam. 

Liesbeth is author of several publications and books on media literacy topics, such as digital bullying, advertising, safe internet, transmedia storytelling and sexualization of media. Her last book ‘The Wifi Generation’ about children on the mobile internet, was published in November 2009. She is a respected speaker at international congresses and debates, is involved in different governmental think tanks, has her own radio show on the Dutch national radio and is columnist in different print media. 

In 2006 Liesbeth Hop founded the Dutch Academy for Media & Society (, a highly respected educational institute for media literacy trainings and workshops for professionals. In 2007 Liesbeth Hop developed the highly successful post graduate National MediaCoach Training ( for teachers, librarians and youth workers.

Liesbeth has a long history in media and advertising and founded the European Internet Advertising Bureau( in 2000 and was their first president. She supported the opening of 7 branch offices throughout Europe.

In 2000 she also was invited to be a member on the International Brand Council of Coolbrands (

Contact details:

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Phone: +31 6 435 879 54

Twitter: Liesbethhop

LinkedIn: Liesbeth Hop

CoolBrands meeting Liesbeth Hop

Today i am meeting Liesbeth Hop, an entrepreneur who has made it her mission to empower children and help them develop a critical attitute towards the all-encompassing onlaught of media and advertising in today's hyper-connected world.

I ask her how kids empowerment became her passion and what techniques she has develop to create more awaremess, not only among the young generation but also among their parents, carers and teachers.

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